Spend a full day with Lilly Walters, learning how to create your own Cobblestone Mailbox or Shopping Bag Holder!

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What To See At Cobblestone Cottages

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faux decorative painting mailbox to look like cobblestonesThe Cobblestone Cottage Mailboxes take 30 hours to create - see samples.

You can create your own by purchasing our mailbox paint pattern package, or have me create one for you.

Send me a photo of the front of your house, an I will paint to compliment your home.

Cost, $200

Cobblestone Cottage Mailboxes!

Before I create a Cobblestone Cottage mailbox, I take a picture of the front of the house at which the mailbox is to live.

In this case, the owner wanted something which complimented her home, but was more colorful, and fanciful.
Our patterns are for these oversized mailboxes. We like the extra space for magazines.
Check with your mail carrier. Regardless of the official postal rules, most actual mail carries do not care, and also like the extra space.

If you want to create your own, remember the cobblestones on your mailbox will look 3-D if you shade them (see How To Paint Cobblestone Cottages from Junk Jars book)

In mine, the "frame" around the door and windows actually are 3-D. I use a special type of caulking to create the raw wood look.

Make sure you allow several days for your caulking to dry before you begin painting.

The roofs on your mailbox can be made many ways. The easiest is to simply paint them, see birdhouse tree below, perhaps in a metallic paint. I have used moss (see below), half marbles, shinny new pennies, and doll house shingles.
faux decorative painting mailbox to look like cobblestones
My favorite mailbox roof are those made from real copper sheeting. I hammer the sheeting, then take a blow torch to it to give it color.
Next to paint, moss is the fastest, and easiest - apply with a hot glue gun. Note in the shopping bag holder to the left, I added moss to the bottom sides for effect.
A fun addition to the mailbox, is a birdhouse, or birdhouse tree, painted to match!
My husband built these, but any birdhouse can be attached to a pole to create the type of tree shown here.
Just paint them to match your project, and it is magic!
Don't be afraid to try lettering. Although I free handed the letters above, you can easily print them out on your computer in the correct size, and trace them onto your project, or use a stencil.

have Lilly create a special mailbox to compliment your home.
add $20 for real copper roof. Call 909-398-1228

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Paint Your Mailbox or Shopping Bag holder, to Look Like Cobblestone Cottages - Decorative Faux Tole Type Painting, in the style of Thomas Kincaide, Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kincade