Custom Made Mailboxes, Decorative Faux Tole Craft Painting on Glass Jars and Glass Jar Painting, Paint Cobblestone Walls, Paint Cement Patio Floors, Candle holders, Paint Rock Cobblestone House Mailboxes, all in the style of Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kincaide, Thomas Kincade
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What To See At Cobblestone Cottages

NEW! 1001 Ideas to Paint on Fabric, Plus Tips, Techniques and Tools 100s of paint fabric and ideas to paint on shirts and clothes

Two Free Paint Patterns

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Designs and Full Size Patterns for Fabric and Garment Painting

cobblestone cottages faux decorative painting of glass jars, mail boxes, and cement patio floors

Face Painting in Claremont, La Verne, San Dimas, Glendora, Upland, Montclair
Custom painted mailbox

Plus Tips, Techniques and Tools

Download sets of patterns annd matching full color photos of finished projects, with close ups of each section.

Patterns can be combined to create hundreds of designs!

Fabric Painting! Shirts, sheets, pillowcases and more all come alive with fun fabric painting techniques.

Recycle your old jars into beautiful gifts!

Purchase our easy picture filled booklet, we'll mail it today. This book is the a good idea to have for any of your cobblestone creations: jars, floors, walls, or mailboxes.

I am happy to come to your children's parties and do face painting

Turn your tired old cement floor into a cobblestone courtyard!

Purchase our e-book. Get it on-line right now!

Purchase our plans to make your own.

OR, purchase the box, ready for you to paint in highly quality, heavy wood.

OR, send us a puicture of your house, Lilly Walters will create a custom piece of art, just for you.

OR, if you are in the greater Claremont area of California, bring two friends and take a two day class

Confession of a HORRIBLE artist!

I do not not know how to draw, or how to create art others consider simple. So, I created this EASY way to make art, and impress my friends. Let me teach you too. I have a project book, and classes. See more by clicking the links at the left. You do not need to be an artist, to be able to create very pretty cobblestone art.
- Lilly Walters Schermerhorn

This style of decorative painting has a finished look in the style of Thomas Kinkade, who I always try to spell as Thomas Kincaide or Thomas Kincade

(Purchase the project books)

NEW!!! Cobblestone Mailboxes Patterns and Instructions
NEW!!! Paint Cobblestone Cottages from Junk Jars Decorative Faux Painting booklet!
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New!! eBook - PAINT A COBBLESTONE COURTYARD ON YOUR CEMENT FLOOR - DECORATIVE FAUX PAINTING $12, ebook has color pictures, and lots of instructions. Order Now.

What To See At The Cobblestone Cottages website

Preparing to Paint On Fabric and Garments
Creating Fabric Painting Boards Especially to Paint Shirts
Protecting Your Project From Paint Dribbles
Choosing Fabrics to Paint
Supply List and Overview of Fabric Painting Materials
Finding and Creating Patterns and Designs
Steps to Create Your Own Fabric Painting Design
How to Become a Great Design Artist for Decorative Painting!
Combining Paint Patterns To Create New Decorative Painting Designs
Adapting the One Stroke Painting Method of Design
Designing Painting Painting Patterns Designs For Tee Shirts With Collars
Tips On Working With Paint Patterns
Resizing Patterns for Your Fabric Painting Design
How to Turn A Color Photo Into A Line Drawing Paint Pattern

Using The Scanner to Create Paint Patterns
Transferring Painting Patterns to Your Project
Tracing Techniques On Fabric
Using Light Under Your Fabric To Draw Your Paint Pattern
Tracing For A Heat Transfer for Painting Projects
Ironing Paint Patterns onto Your Projects
Iron-On Transfers From Your Computer for Painting Patterns
Tulle Pattern Transfers for Paint Patterns
Paint Pattern Chalking Method
Stencils On Fabric to Paint on Clothes
Tips and Techniques for Decorative Painting
Overview of How to Paint On Fabrics
Working With Fabric Paints
How To Make Your Fabric Paint Last Longer on Your Paint Projects
Getting Paint on the Fabric
Working With Fabric Brushes
Sponges and Fabric Painting
Fabric Spray Paint
Double Loading Your Brush for Decorative Painting
The Secret of Painting Swirl Lines and Vines
Making Sure Your Fabric Paints Don't Disappear and Last Longer
Backgrounds for Fabric Painting Shirts
The Easy Water Color Background in Fabric Painting
Fabric Spray Paint Backgrounds
Salt Effects in Fabric Painting
Avoiding and Fixing Water Stain Lines in Your Background Fabric Painting
Water Color Stains Problems and Fabric Boards
Filling In Paint Patterns - Highlights and Outlines
Outlining In Metallic and Pearls Paints
Glitter, Metallics, Rhinestones and Scissors for Painted Shirts
Turn Ugly Men's Tees Into Pretty Women's Shirts
Fixing Collars on Men's tee-shirts
Cutting the Sleeves on Men's tee-shirts to Create Women's Shirts
Fringing Tee Shirts
Menopause Vents! Slicing Sleeves & Collars
Beading Tee-Shirts
Haphazard Cutting of Hems and Sleeves to Turn Men's Tees into Women's Shirt
Rhinestones and Crystals on Tee Shirts
Caring for A Glued Rhinestone Garment

Paint Cement Floors to Look Like Cobblestone Cottages

How to Paint Glass Jars

Decorative Faux Tole Painting on Glass Jars

Paint Cobblestone Cottages - Tole Craft Decorative Faux Painting on Glass Jars, Glass Jar Painting Paint Cobblestone Walls, Paint Cement Floors, Paint Rock Cobblestone House Mailboxes, candle holders, all in the style of Thomas Kinkade.

Paint in the style of Thomas Kinkade, or Thomas Kincaide, Thomas Kincade, create Cobblestone Cottages. Classes and books to paint glass jars, walls with Decorative Faux Tole Painting, especially for glass jar painting

Paint Cement Floors to Look Like Cobblestone Cottages    |    How to Paint Glass Jars    |    Decorative Faux Tole Painting on Glass Jars    |    Cement Paint for Floors to Cobblestone Faux Painting    |    Glass Jar Painting    |    Faux Painted Cement Floors Painting Techniques    |    Cobblestone Faux Paint for Cement Floors    |    Painted Faux Cobblestone Walls    |    How To Paint on Glass Jars    |    Patio Cement and Concrete Floors to Painted Look Like Cobblestone Cottages    |    Decorative Faux Tole Painting on Glass Jars    |    Paint Walls to Look Like Cobblestones    |